Rails Faraday 0.9.0 gem use=ssl issue

We were working on a project for which we were using Faraday 0.8 gem and twitter 5.5 gem. There was an issue coming randomly from twitter api that invalid token at the end of file. After reading some blogs and twitter API gem, we came to know that it was a bug in twitter gem and it was fixed in later version of gem. So we updated our twitter gem to latest version of 5.11.

This was the start of problems, for twitter 5.11 gem faraday 0.9 was required. We updated the faraday  0.8.7 to 0.9.0 and after upgrade undefined method ‘use_ssl=’ issue started appearing. At first we thought the problem is with faraday 0.9.0 as logs were pointing to it plus all the internet search revealed that there are issues with faraday 0.9 and we should use 0.8 version. For us it meant going back to square one. So we kept on googling, upon further investigation, we found that actually faraday has stopped supporting parameters with use=ssl.

This revelation made us to look into the gems and piece of code using use=ssl parameter and we found that the reason was Koala 1.7rc gem which we were using. It was using use=ssl. So we updated that and it fixed the problem.

In short, the issue ‘use=ssl’ undefined method is not related to faraday 0.9.0, but with some part of your code using ‘use=ssl’ parameter which is no longer allowed. Updating to latest gem for that functionality will solve the problem or if its custom code, you should change it.

Hope it helps someone like me and save his time.

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