iPhone 5 will be Releasing on October 21st ?

One of the top and major dealers to guess the game for iPhone 5 that has to Release in 2011. Best Buy sees the long rumored cell phone coming on 21 October.

Tip comes from ‘This Is My Next’ box was the tomb of a memorandum, details of the early start time, this time an event is called the “Apple fixture installation.”

According to an anonymous source, same type of out-of-the-ordinary instead of the normal time set for the iPhone 4 retail version.

This does not mean necessarily wait until October to get a first look at the iPhone 5 – we fully anticipate Apple to launch the handset is a little more than four weeks before the hit the stores.

This means that if Best Buy’s 21 October is true, we could see how it had been predicted countless other anonymous tipster in recent months, who said the 5-iPhone will launch in late September.

Then again, countless gravel pretty much every day of June 2011 to January 2012 suggested that we need to sit quietly and see what Apple is doing.

What is October 21 Release Date ? It could happen. It might not happen. But until Apple sends a “save the date” Media Alert is an anonymous source as good as anything else we have.

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