Pre-order of iPhone 5 Available on Deutshe Telekom

Mobile phone networks are constantly striving for new smartphone releases, the opportunity to try new two-year contracts to sell existing customers and grab the new signals. The smartphone offers all the support, what’s next iPhone and now the iPhone 5 is expected, which will eventually appear in the next some weeks.

Deutsche Telekom (DT), known as T-Mobile outside of Germany that decided they did not wait any longer and decided to start pre-orders for iPhone 5, problem here is nobody knows when the iPhone 5 is releasing ? how will iPhone 5 look like ? what is its price, and whether the mandatory update (not that anyone invoking it against, forced to get the device).

DT has been around the problem by being a voucher, which they call the “Premiere ticket” for anyone who wants to keep the phone was now. The reason for the decision to do this ? DT believes the demand is high; they will begin to offer consumers the ability to afford them the opportunity to become one of the limited stocks of the company. It also ensures a large extent, they are all the iPhone 5 bearings, they will begin to leave the people without resorting to a snake, or by pressing their online store to sell the order.

We are not sure how Apple has that feeling, but it does not seem to be equally, if not money changes hands. Instead, new customers have signed an agreement, and old customers to sign a contract extension, the signals are serious about buying the iPhone, when the starting five. To do this, you will need to visit the trade of DT, because it is not offered online.

Some people may be through the ability to start day one of the iPhone 5 seeks to ensure, but if thousands of us try to keep your phone does not guarantee you can get them on the first day. It depends on how many units of iPhone 5 DT get from Apple

via: AppleInsider

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