Google Chromebook available now for Purchase on Amazon and BestBuy

A few months back, Google took a bold step in the Netbook market for a new Web-based operating system, with the name of Google Chrome OS. In the first few months, Google handed out free netbooks to the number of users, such as the CR-48 called. This device is quite useful to move and perform tasks such as creating documents, emails, and much more.

Last month, Google Chrome Retail Availability of books in collaboration Samsung and Acer, the Google announced in I/O conference 2011. Chromebooks were put to on June 15 and now Google has officially announced that Chromebooks are available for sale on Amazon and BestBuy.

Currently Chromebooks are available under two manufacturers, Samsung and Acer. Samsung has already released its own version. However, Acer is still sold in Chromebooks.

Samsung Chromebooks available on Amazon for $ 429.99 (Wi-Fi version) and for $ 499.99 (3G version). They are available in two colors: Black and Titanium Silver. Acer Chromebooks could come later this month, but no exact date yet.

So go ahead and browse the available selection of Chromebooks at Amazon.

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