New Security Checkpoint at Airport for Future

International Air Transport Association came out and mocked for future security control system. Instead of removing belts and shoes, and TSA officials have put the king’s treatment of passengers simply walk through the machine and gets the whole body scan walks with hall-like sensor.

Passengers will be sorted by risk, and those who fly often will automatically be considered a lower risk. Play no idea of “racial profiling” is that is selected for a high risk passengers (who threaten to), but the system is probably in a variety of factors in the decision.

The official probe sequences are divided into categories: “Known Traveler”, “Normal” and “Enhanced Security”. The fastest track availability of people who want to go through background checks on their governments.

In addition to biometric passports remember the appropriate track based on travel history and personal information. 19 different governments are working together now to set standards for airport and aircraft to develop. Although we have no dates for you yet, we can assume that these new systems are introduced in the next five years.

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