Facebook Facial Recognition – A new Feature to quickly tag photos of friends in the picture

Facebook is proud to announce that the social media giant is now integrated with facial recognition in an online forum. This new system allows the contents match faces an easier way to tag photos. Although the software identifies a new face in your photo from your friend list and push it as an advertisement on the right side of the screen with your friends.

This new system allows fast and efficient tagging of those moments when you want to tag, but not like the computer all day to feel stranded. This feature was previously available only for North American consumers, but it is now available for use in other parts of the world.

The Feature is by default Enabled for all the facebook users, you can chage its settings. Here are some steps for how to update the settings of the new facial recognition system:

1. Go to your Facebook privacy settings here.
2. Below the scatter plot boxes, click Customize settings

3. Suggest Suggest photos of me to friends, click Edit settings 

4. This feature is enabled automatically in Facebook. There is a drop box telling either this feature is enabled or not for your profile. Select Disable if you want it.
5. Press Okay and it done automatically.

We have also attached the video below for how to turn the feature disable:

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