Download & Install Firefox 5 For Mac, Linux and Windows directly from FTP

Not like the current version of Firefox (i.e. Firefox 4), now Mozilla is to drive out a new version within a very short period of time. As you may know, Mozilla took a lot of time for the final version of Firefox 4 after 12 betas, and 2 RC Release. But now, after the 7 demos, they have released Firefox 5, Final Mozilla Firefox 5 was released on FTP servers.

According to Mozilla website Firefox 5 officially released on June 21. Firefox 5 does not involve any change in the design instead of the GUI interface is almost identical to Firefox 4, Most plugins are now compatible with Firefox 5.

The latest stable version is more stable and offers improvements to the previous test build. So download and update the current version of Firefox with newer.

You can download the Firefox 5 from FTP servers, as followed:

Or download from Mozilla website directly, here.

Or you can update to Firefox 5, from ‘Help > About Firefox’, it’ll auto check for the update, and will let you know if need to update.

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