RecognizeMe Cydia Tweak – Unlock iPhone with Biometric Facial Recognition Security

The non-jailbroken iPhone users wish Apple to put many tweaks and applications of Cydia in the iOS. Now developer Apocolipse introduces a new Tweak Cydia iPhone for jailbreak users, a tweak with the facial recognition software security RecognizeMe will unlock the iPhone.

RecognizeMe plans to place its button on the unlock screen of the iPhone for the face recognition. Pressing the button against the iPhone, the camera starts to capture the face of the user that is
opening up the iPhone. If the user matches the characteristics of pre-defined database, the iPhone is unlocked and access is granted, and if not, the user is thrown back to the unlock screen, and asked to enter your PIN.

Check the demo video of RecognizeMe to unlock the iPhone with face recognition:

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