Multiplayer Kinect Game with iPhone, Hack make it possible

As we know, there are many kinect Hacks, makes it really fun to play. Recently, many developers have created a really interesting hack for Kinect, increase the use of Kinect and make it fun. So the same concept to another developer in Singapore, called Moon Rock is something new to try Kinect and iPhone. He is the prototype of the game that allows two players to control the vehicle in a 3D environment on the screen and shoot at the vehicle Gatling Gun at the same time created a custom iPhone app

demonstration video of the new hack with the iPhone and Kinect is posted below. Although the control to play the game and Kinect iPhone, the iPhone got guns and the second
player to drive Kinect movement.

This has just created a demo game for this purpose, but some of the big game graphics can also be caused if this idea is perfect.

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