iOS 5 New Feature – Voice/Speech Recognition

Because the IOS is closer to 5 to get it released. There are a number of developers to explore new features in it. As we have seen, some of the guys IOS 5 Designed to provide .. To start a new reporting system IOS 5, then was rumored to 5 IOS you iDevice Firmware Over the Air update directly to your mobile phone (without being connected to iTunes). And this time again they have brought a different concept of IOS feature of IE 5, speech or voice recognition.

They say that this is a new feature is voice control, text messages, and certain other third-party applications offer. It is an opportunity to put into text or vice versa. It works
as well as Voice Control for the iPhone. Jan-Michael Cart has created a really interesting concept of a video on this new feature on the iPhone.

There are still many more new iOS 5 reveal, so stay tuned we update more!

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