How to Play Flash videos on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Here is a little tutorial that will teach you Flash movies directly from your iDevice comes. And all generations, iPhone, iPod Touch and can iPad, so try it in a iDevice. Because it does not tweak the jailbreak, you do not have to worry about, so dass This is just a JavaScript let the Safari browser with Flash video games. So just follow the simple instructions after the break:

Step 1: Open the Safari browser on iPhone, iPod touch, or the iPad.

Step 2: Go to “” within Safari.

Step 3: Save this page as a bookmark.

Step 4: Open the bookmarks, tap Edit, and remove everything that appears in front of this new bookmarks “javascript:h

5: Go to the site with Flash video, and when you enter this site has been recently saved bookmarks. You’ll find that Flash video can now be played.

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