Facebook Owner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg New $7 Million House

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and I bought a new home in Palo Alto, which is about 10 minutes away from his company’s Menlo Park campus. Mark Zuckerberg is a rental house in the same area before he bought his own house. According to Mercury News Mark has paid a whooping amount of $7,000,000 to his new home.

When a real estate blog, the house was built in 1903 and has undergone several revisions, including the entertainment pavilion and a fireplace. It has five bathrooms, a sun room, large porch, a saltwater pool and privacy.

Lets take look at the pictures of the House:

Palo Alto is home to a number of other tech CEOs, including Google’s Larry Page and CEO of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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