ZTE 7-inch Tablet/Smartphone Coming Soon

Although generally makes low-cost OEM ZTE feature phones, they have decided to enthusiastically jump on board beginning after, other manufacturers are a success. The company’s recent efforts in the Android market, the company proposes a new medicine ZTE V9, which was published in MWC earlier this year. The company recently approved by the FCC, the probable release of the new tablet shows sometime this year received.

Well, unfortunately we have no pricing information yet, but keep in mind that to maximize the budget tablet people who spend the dollars they are sold. unit will have an Android 2.1, Eclair. Consumers are increasingly taste of Android, without breaking the bank the latest hardware and software (eg Froyo or gingerbread). It would see a very interesting turn of events ZTE take the tablet version of Android, honeycomb, but we do not really expect to take place of computer hardware and budgetary constraints.

What’s physicality, the device is connected to a 7-inch screen rocking 800 x 480 resolution, a
Qualcomm MSM7227 processor. The device is sufficient to 1GB of RAM, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3400mAh battery, and a typical WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. The tablet also double the mobile phone supports GSM 850 and 1900 bands, but probably not for most portable one! The device was previously published in Russia, but expects to free U.S. version. Watch the video below, the hand feel of this tablet.

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