Windows Phone 7 “Mango” Coming Soon!

Microsoft distribute its next Windows Mobile 7, code-named Mango. Update is here for a few months and offer new applications, including the birds and the Angry Internet Explorer 9 functions. Mango also has some updates, such as music, Spotify application. Users can download new applications and background information on music, with one application while working in another, such as Android.

Of course it also depends on what applications open, for example, can not play the song on YouTube app working on something else, because the Youtube application, they will require you to continue to play videos and music.

Steve Clayton is a blogger for Microsoft and said that the developer toolkit Mango can be published the following statement: “The next month, should you need to cancel the social responsibility
of developers, because they are busy. and the developer toolkit next version of Windows Mobile, code-named” Mango “and Kinect Windows Beta SDK for developers to go from their hiding places disappear, apparently a little later in camp games, location-based applications, networking, shopping tools, and much more. “In another interesting turn, create a Windows Mobile 7 a fan of Florida, Brandon Foy, video, Microsoft Official TV commercials, when it is more than 200,000 views on YouTube will receive. Watch the video below to see Brandon Foy commercial!

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