Will Google Beat Apple’s iPhone 5 To Market With Smartphone NFC Mobile Payments ?

Heading the list of five iPhone Near Field Communication (NFC) – the ability to ‘wave and pay’ phone. But Google’s Android phones, the iPhone beat 5-market NFC race?

Business Tech viewer RedHerring citing Bloomberg News report this week said that Google is close to the testing phase and its potential Near Field Communication (NFC) “wave and pay” a mobile payment service for Android devices, which first tried experimentally in San Francisco and New York the next four months. NFC technology enables smartphone users to package their devices through the receiver / reader impact of rapid credit card payments if their mobile phones equipped with NFC chips, Google has a Nexus S Smartphone since December last year.

At the same RedHerring clear that Apple “has his plans for the NFC mobile payments in the future iPhone abandoned 5” refers to the fact that we probably see an NFC support of the iPhone until 2012, when Jupiter Research projects in the NFC phone payments of more than $30bn annually, which would help a significant lead over Google in this market. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has shown that the next version of Android 2.3, also known as gingerbread, the amount in April supports the NFC thrown, although supposedly the software development kit for Android 2.3 appears not to support the card emulation or peer-to-peer communication and research has confirmed in Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, RIM is also preparing for that future NFC BlackBerry models.

NFC or NFC is still one of the hottest topics of discussion, we expect that the introduction of the iPhone fifth I’ve blogged here a few times before, and the columns are often the forum comments. If it is true that Apple does not support the iPhone within the NFC-5 – at least in its initial release – a lot of iPhone fans will be disappointed, especially if the Android mobile phone users ability first. However, says the NFC Times Dan Balaban, that according to unnamed sources, Apple has one or more of the U.S. mobile operator Isis joint venture that it is not accepted, said the NFC this year and officials from France Telecom and Orange had previously doubted at NFC iPhone in February, expressed at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, ​​says he was the NFC times less likely to believe, Apple was ready to take over the technology at the end of the event, he was in the beginning, after talking of sources.

Recent study by market consulting firm Frost & Sullivan notes that, the NFC market of “innovator” phase “early adopter” phase shifted and study the development of the first commercial roll-out, and points out that a crucial factor the market acceptance of NFC-wide solution for mobile phones to warn, without a huge number of NFC-enabled mobile phones, not the market can be enormous potential.

Frost & Sullivan Research “NFC – When Will Be Real start?” Predicts that up to 2015 NFC “clearly the most widely used solution for mobile payments”, and analysts that the total payment (equivalent to 155.26 billion U.S. dollars in current exchange rate) worth of global reach NFC 111.19bn that the prediction of a NFC five-year annual growth rate (CAGR) of 118 percent between 2010 and 2015. In this context, early adoption of Android, IOS laggardliness is huge. You need to be. “I wonder what pointed the assault or obsession with Apple Dan Balaban that the information he has is based, it is not clear, missing what feels the NFC standard, Apple, but speculated that if Apple does not really transfer the technology this year, it could be, believe that the NFC is not there yet mature enough to embrace yet.

What do you think? If the iPhone does not offer five NFC capability, is that it is a deal breaker for you? Will you mistake Andriod phone, such as the Nexus S? Tell us what you think!

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