“We Don’t Track Anyone, But Google Do” said Steve Jobs

Almost a week ago, news broke of Apple and the movement of IOS users. What two researchers discovered Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden. Both can be found in the iPhone backup file, the file said she was found that the location and time. It was believed that the information is stored in a file, time, kind of like a network, looking for the GPS data, or cell towers, this file allows you to cache data and save time.

It is clear from his answer that he follow-up information on Google’s Android users, we
have not been made. And assume that the data stored on Android, a much smaller list is limited and the system will be flushed on a regular basis.

Has not yet been Apple’s Official Journal, so we have to wait until Apple officially responded to this and get clear answers.

via: MacRumors

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