Viewdle Face Recognition App Knows – Who You Are

Google can come up with a face recognition app, but once Viewdle have to beat them. You have probably not heard of Viewdle, yes, they are relatively new, but they raised funds last year and now works with many products, of which a facial recognition app for the app is, you can see now people by their pictures and the headlines.

As you can imagine the face recognition technology is in high demand, but the technology itself is not new. Viewdle was founded in 2006 and began the ex-military-Lab project in Ukraine, but the technology is now commercially available. While many companies to make similar applications, Viewdle difference that they see the technology capable of real-time visual analysis claim to automatically especially faces at the moment the picture was taken.

Laurent Gil, the founder of Viewdle argued that although small processors found in mobile phones, the technology recognizes faces 300ms. And can create links to your friends and family so that their social engineering, integration of social media. In principle, the technique identifiers, routes, and sharing photos is now – it is a social photo-messaging tool.

Viewdle potential licensing of the technology media company are to be identified for an automated manner and
seek tag content. Companies build a model that allows users to access their buddy list their car tag pictures desktop by allowing on Facebook.

Issuance of shares of a company can become a private life and how it addresses the concerns of the people. This technology could be easily get a picture of someone and pull the information immediately, so that there is a debate about how much information should start to be shared.

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