Sony Hits The 50 Million Mark Of PS3 Consoles Sold

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it sold 50 million PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide since 29 March. The company also announced that sales of the PlayStation move has exceeded 8 million units worldwide. Sony takes the title of the king’s 75 million registered users and tens of thousands of games, music and video downloads available on the PlayStation Store.

Although Microsoft’s Xbox 360 got an early lead in the gaming industry PlayStation 3 console is the only built-in Blu-ray player function, so it is very tempting to buy new customers. Sorry, but Sony’s high asking price was $ 399 and the lowest model is a significant deterrent for many consumers.

Even if the consumer can order a model HDMI port, WiFi, memory card reader and four USB ports, you had to pay $ 599 60GB version, to pay a high price for one console. Since then, prices have come down to a slim version of the PS3 was introduced, more was done solely for entertainment giant, and Sony has been a pleasant sales target. Although the device is 360 Kinect edge sets from Sony, I’m sure it’s long enough when a customer loyalty among brands of gaming. Take a look at some of the PS3 ads!

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