Silverlight coming to Xbox, bringing WP7 games along with it?

Silverlight began growing at only a modest competitor to Flash, and now, well, everything. Almost every case. It is an integral part of Windows 7 Phone ecosphere and the word on the street is that there will be an integral part of the Xbox 360 in the world as well – at least in part. Microsoft MIX 11 event developers might begin before next week, and rumor has it that Microsoft wants to enable a new level of compatibility with Silverlight applications country, the company is the console, and the possibility of applications that use both cell phones and Consoles can write. It sounds like a utopian world, sweeps in the future, the arm-wavey Kinect tricks of the touch screen to replace, but the bigger question is whether the Xbox 360 really need another App Store? Is that a parallel development with XNA title, or replace them? Is this why

Xbox developers boxes only much cheaper? We were finally able Angry birds of our HDTV? This kind of delicious musings.

via: winrumors

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