Run Android Apps On Your Desktop

Blue Stacks, users can now run your favorite Android applications on x86-based Windows PC. Interestingly enough, Apple’s latest operating system, a lion, also promises a lot of features in Mac OS bring to the iPhone. If these two things do not surprise, Hewlett-Packard is following the trend by introducing the pre WebOS line computers.

to move when you apply “comfort ” Desktop should be able to easily use and often intuitive apps directly to your home or office. Research in Motion may also result in the same way, but we do not have a final news at the moment. The software also deals with touch user interface and mouse input, so users can add their applications to interact. I think, which means that those who want the mobile version of the Angry Birds can play on the desktop with the mouse to control characters that do “destination.” Perhaps that is the next step in the technological era, when the hardware and software together so easily arise that the unknown possibilities to interact. This is great news for all fans, whether computer or mobile phone, or just people who love technology!

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