Royal Wedding Breaks Live Streaming Records

Royal wedding has taken the development of topics on the internet and now he is safe to say that there is at least a broken record “Live Stream simultaneous viewers.”

The company also says the live stream for William and Kate wedding at the same time complement the 300 000 spectators at 6 ET on Friday morning. CEO Max Haot says “he expects at least 2 million visitors a transfer is made.” Live stream for the Associated
Press, the UK Press Association, CBS and Entertainment Tonight hit.

Akamai says that the event broke a record in a wide stream. representative of the company, whose network is home to some of the major Web news sites reported that “at the same time to live in the royal wedding is Akamai streams 1.6 M peak exceeded the World Cup was decided in June 2010. “

However, the transaction does not appear to be the biggest news event in the history of the network. Although 4600000 page views per minute told the sites that Akamai serves content in this morning, having a total of Barack Obama’s presidential election victory, they remain far behind 10.3 million impressions per minute record in June last year, when the World Cup qualifying match, and the longest match in Wimbledon history, took place at the same time.

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