Razer Chimaera wireless Xbox 360 headset review

If the product is good to move over a whole year with the introduction of the release, it is natural for the consumer expectations amp even a step or two. This is the situation Razer Chimaera, Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Headset centric, which was originally picked on at CES 2010, and just started shipping to consumers earlier this year. The company had a gaming headset business for some time – if you remember, we enjoyed our time (cable) Headset Carcharias law two years ago. The 2.1 system promises to Xbox Live Yapp, what they have to be waiting a long time, but is it really worth $ 129.99 fee? Head past the break we need to take.

All intents and purposes, is a fairly simple product Chimaera. It is a wireless base station with a 3.5 mm audio input, 3.5mm microphone jack, the Sync button (Wiimote not different to what you have to do it daily), and the Standby button. After unboxing ’em, you’ll probably spend the first ten minutes trying to figure out where a couple of AAA batteries (included, phew!) To be added. Tip: The rip panel earpiece that does not have a microphone. You will thank us.

Sync process is much simpler, and in the same weighing barely a parental control (a simple bump in the headphones is staggering), it serves a purpose without being too ugly. Headset itself is unfortunately so difficult and intimidating. And that is what we mean big. After a lot of padding around the top and the ear cups is certainly welcome, but if you have a pretty big shift knob, you are probably wondering how to put on the earth, the band down. We had never swallowed any problems with the size of any time prior to the listeners, but especially Chimaera our head, and no way to continue the band fixed (there are only ten enlargement section – you know, the Goliath, a high-performance gaming sessions is), we were uncomfortable in a pinch.
Seriously, we recommend controlling the traffic and trying them before buying – it’s hard to imagine that they are not too high in a huge bus of people. In an attempt to draw benefits, we held them loosely draped around the head a little game, and if the wireless performance was amazing, we found a 3.5 mm headphone jack input (also) a bit big side. We tried three different cables, and they all just seemed a little loose. No problems with the connection found, but it still managed to get under the skin. The sound quality was above average for wireless gaming headsets, but they are certainly not your go-cans when it’s time to get back on the couch and enjoy the album. Lows were definitely the highlight, probably felt more explosions, gunshots often, and we recommend that has all the best movies and games to host any music.

Drop-down boom microphone was in full force, and increased our conversations about the clear and unambiguous, we cannot help but long USB connection, the possibility exists that you use this Skype headset in a pinch, but no such happiness. Overall Chimaera feels solid product, which reacted not only in its entirety – turned large design us immediately and do the bad 3.5mm not take much to rebuild the lost trust. At $ 129.99, you are simply too many other options, such as Turtle Beach and Steel Series (only a few names), and where the skull is larger than most, you probably have no choice but to move them.

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