PlayStation Games On Your Smartphone, We’re Finally Here

Sony PlayStation is now available on Google’s Android Market. So far, one of PlayStation games are available: Syphon Filter, MediEvil, and Cool board 2 titles for $ 6.38 at the moment much more is expected to roll out in coming weeks. Of course all this is happening against the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY publication.

PLAY Xperia is the first PlayStation Certified Android smartphone, and, as the name suggests, can play original PlayStation games downloaded through the Android Market. Verizon is the only airline that Xperia-play supports, at least so far, and the device is expected to ship this spring.

If you want more information about this video game system / cell phone combo, you can make the Sony Ericsson website. Since the video game nerd I remember playing in a conversation with my friends when they publish the PlayStation “experience” for mobile phones. At this time I do not think I was seriously expecting it to happen ever, but it seems it happens. It is a privilege, so close to next-generation technologies. I also
find it difficult to take it for granted when I see how far we have developed over the last decade to see. Watch the video at the height of the imagination to see Sony certainly took that to make it even media experience for consumers. 

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