Nintendo Wii HD/Wii 2 Releasing Next Year, And Will be Revealed in June 2011

And all the Nintendo fans is good news for you all. Nintendo has finally confirmed that the next 2 for Nintendo Wii / Wii console is available in high definition to all of you in the spring of 2011, and it’s E3 Expo 2011 that it takes place in June this year is demoed.

Now here is a little history of Nintendo, Nintendo released the first Wii console in 2006, then
only the Motion Sense gaming console was available, and it was a hit with users. But it was a long time ago (2006), when Microsoft released the Nintendo Wii Kinect began to fall, because it was not possible to compare it in terms of graphics and HD support.

The report says almost sold out of Nintendo consoles after the publication of 86010000 (2006), but then all of a sudden the market drops, the Nintendo Wii, because in 2010 they only sold 15.1 million Wiis. “It’s almost a 25% decrease since 2009 when they sold approximately 20.1 million consoles.

So now, five years after the release of its new console, HD Supported by some random new features. And it’s also a good time to publish a Nintendo console, because it has been confirmed that Sony and Microsoft will not release a new console until 2014.

So I hope that Nintendo gives a big surprise in June of this year, the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

via: csmonitor

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