Nikon Coolpix P500 reviewed, zooms to infinity but not beyond

It is more than a year ago, the Coolpix P100 reached back plates, and now it’s time to step up for a new kid on the block. the fine people about photography blog seem to find that the P500 is P100 in the same way – the Achilles heel of the image quality is still suffering from the same washed-out store in detail. Total treatment and control has not changed much – the second cycle, the possibility of an external flash and ISO sensitivity and white balance buttons are missing still pending. Relatively small changes in P500 offers you a second dose, which served in the P100 – the comfort in a compact package. In addition, you can
10 times more that 22.5-810mm lens is monstrous and take more pictures, because to increase the 2-megapixel, P100 is faster (and f/2.8 lens) and smaller, cheaper does not mention to $ 100 Zoom. It’s hard to say that the P500 ready for the reins of P100 is to use fully, but that small telescope has a lens ensures that candidate. Hit a full analysis of the source.

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