Microsoft’s Windows 8 recipe: Hint of Office, dash of Xbox, ounce of Windows Phone

Microsoft wants to make has already indicated that it supported on Windows more than the Xbox Kinect sensors and the adoption of elements of the Xbox Live user interface for Windows-based games. Now it seems that the Windows team his eyes Office Phone for Windows and Windows Live, also.
This is a conclusion that a series of leaks in recent days to read Windows 8, or whatever Microsoft ends up calling the next generation of its operating system. Preliminary Windows build 8 show in Windows Explorer (the user interface for finding files on your computer) and a strip of tabs on the command line – is responsible for the Office “ribbon” – replaces the traditional menus and toolbars.
Windows Authors / blogger Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera, who dug in the early part of future research, the book “Windows 8 Secrets” reported also that the new Windows startup screen is designed to look more like Windows Phone Lock screen. This follows reports that should be the Windows 8 is an alternative interface, touch-based tablet computer that uses tiles and operates more than a mobile phone operating system.
This type of option is for Microsoft Windows and PC manufacturers to compete with Android iPad tablet and critical.
Dig the band interface outbreak Thurrott and Rivera, Blogger Long Zheng noticed the button “Sync” and

“Web Sharing” – suggesting that Microsoft have the functionality of Windows Live Mesh and / or functions of the operating system SkyDrive. As previously leakage was a Windows Live ID in the system, so it is easy to imagine all of this encounter.
But the company has to be careful that integration, if it wants to avoid a second round of the competition law enforcement.
It is important to remember that these leaks are based on very preliminary build system. Microsoft is not talking about Windows 8 features yet, and many can before the expected release upgrade sometime next year.
But will the light of all these reports is a clear message that the company most of the products feel like part of the same family with the signing function of each part of the flagship operating system.

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