Microsoft unveils new Xbox hardware, for game developers

Microsoft today announced a new piece of hardware could make the Xbox, the Xbox 360 games better in the long run. But do not see it in stores.

A new version of the Xbox Development Kit (XDK) to build the outside of the games developers on console. Microsoft compete with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the developer of a number of changes to improve performance and reduce the cost of XDK.

One of the biggest changes: a new, optional “sidecar” file attachment error correction function and emulation. The company says the concept:

“Not all members of the development team needs these features, so this new trailer offers more
flexibility option in the studios. The sidecar can be divided into several XDK consoles no longer necessary, additional expensive licensing debugging consoles. These changes will reduce the build, test, debug and release the Xbox 360 or Xbox LIVE Arcade game.

In addition, the use of a side-car, double the Microsoft built-in 1 GB of memory, which improves the entire hard disk and makes the device less than before, more cheaply. This price is a mystery, at least officially, even if the rumor of the price of the previous XDK empire of $ 10,000, compared with a reported $ 2,000 PS3 dev kit fitted.

Microsoft says the price of a new XDK is “significantly reduce ” the previous level.

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