iPod Nano may have Camera

China Blog announced that Apple can Apple.pro set the camera to the seventh generation of the iPod Nano during its current size and high-res image. The latest generation iPod nano has a video recording and playback of videos, but not the camera.

unconfirmed image was published around April Fools Day and the creation of allot Buzz. Blog, which is the picture published known, accurate, and to obtain disclosure of information about Apple products in the past. But what is strange that his only picture, no one is sure if it’s a legitimate leak.

Assuming the case is real, and Apple is not releasing the camera and the latest iPod nano-devices, we do not yet know how much memory or the speed of processors. If you do not know or hear this information, we are very grateful if you can tell us.

It is possible that the upcoming Android Apple music player and a new iPod Nano probably arrive before Christmas challenge. And yes, I’ve already recorded on my gift list, because it is a beautiful device camera, very small.

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