iPad will be soon Dominated by Android tablets, Says Dell CEO

It is true that the Apple Tablet is iPad IOS is now one of the most famous Tablet round. But can not deny the truth, there is more than a Tablet Android right now. Which makes it very hard for iPad, the top closed. As the recently published his Samsung Galaxy Two tabs, or 10.2 and 8.9. And if we compared the iPad iPad tablet and 2, the results really amazing what’s really out of date in terms of size and speed of the iPad.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Recently, Dell CEO Michael Dell said of his strategy, he plans to purchase and, therefore, Apple Inc., the iPad.

So it is true that most manufacturers now focus on creating Android based tablets. And each new
film which has released some new features and functions. As of today, Sony announced two new (dual screen) tablets in S1 and S2, the two tablets are all the other pills, because they are different Dual Screen. And they certainly Android 3.0 Power comb.

It is clear that a large number of tablets will soon release Android Apple iPad.Whether that it might be 18 months, but remains visible.

via: wsj

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