Intel rolls out 10-core, 20-threaded Xeon E7s, shows everyone who’s boss

Someone deep in Intel’s development of the dungeons is an arrogant contempt for the laugh laughing at us mere mortals on the dual cores Smartphones excited. Old Chipzilla has proved particularly its 10-core Xeon processor family E7, which can operate in 20 parallel computational threads with the kind permission of Hyper-Threading capabilities. Needless to say, not very many random workloads, the parallel use never really that extreme performance, but Intel does not really syringes for the audience in this case. New E7s are
real data-intensive tasks, so that Facebook itself would be a good candidate to buy a few when they attracted such things as the 40-percent improvement in dynamic power control Xeon 7500 bound to increase energy efficiency is processed. Prices start Xeon E7s $ 774 and rises to $ 4,616 Fri, 1932-nanometer chips, a standard condition that Intel does not sell them in lots of less than 1000 For further information follow the press release and video after the break.

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