How Windows Phone apps could run on Windows 8

A new leak from the first real glimpse of what to expect special Windows user interface 8 tablets, and how could Microsoft Windows and Windows smartphone to combine on a common list of applications – try to with Google’s Android iPad and equipment standing a flagship operating system to compete.
Plans after the dismantling of the news “tape” interface for Windows 8s, writer and blogger Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera today, a follow-up images of a certain Windows Internet Explorer 8 tablet interface is known internally (and externally now) as “captivating.” When they write the message, there is not much to see this early build – but what they found under the hood is an interesting story.

In a separate post, Rivera and Thurrott Microsoft details new PDF reader for Windows apparently 8 and notes that it is the first application they examined, using the new “ca” application package type is designed. What does this mean? From the message …

“Appx a new type of packaged application template for Windows 8, and it is very similar to the Windows 7 phone application packages. For this reason, we believe that about type of application could be used for both Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 8 (code named “Apollo”), to write with the developers a way to applications for this purpose and can be used in various devices, including traditional PC tablets move and mobile phones.”

Outside developers have been the key to early success of Windows as a reminder to sing at the legendary CEO Steve Ballmer “Developers, developers, developers”. But Apple and Google Microsoft’s own game so far in the mobile sector, major libraries, applications, third-party developers have beaten.
It takes a kind of integrated development strategy like this to turn things around for Microsoft. Windows 8 by the expected sometime in 2012, the only question is whether it is on time.

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