How to Update Nexus S to Android 2.3.4 Manually

Google recently announced their “Nexus” Twitter account via the new Android 2.3.4. What do they intend to OTA version (over the air) is a Nexus S a few weeks. This new update is an audio and video call feature Nexus S. For a video demo of this new feature, click here. So you can either wait for Google’s Android-2.3.4 update to come to you, or you can follow the instructions below to upgrade to the Nexus S hand.

Lets start with updating:

First of All download the update to your Computer:
Download Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (GRJ22-from-GRI40)

Step 1: Now, rename the downloaded file
Step 2: Nexus S PC via USB cable.

Step 3: Copy the body of the micro-SD card

Step 4: Turn on the phone and start the recovery mode, press the “Volume + “and “Power”button at the same time.

Step 5: Select the recovery mode the volume keys “to apply the update / SDCard” from the list and press the power button.

Step 6: Android for the 2.3.4 update to wait until the end
Are you ready, Android has been successfully installed 2.3.4 Nexus S.

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