How to solve Incompatible Laptop Battery issue, causing No Battery is Detected Error in Windows 7

Sorry for the lack of updates, because it was busy battling two issues that the web server configuration, and my laptop battery problem. When you upgrade to Windows Vista, Windows 7 on my Acer laptop computer, one annoying problem that I have to tolerate the longest time is the battery. Laptop is about 3 years old and still the original battery out of that is not worn for very long. I’ve noticed that there is a battery icon with a red X in the tray. Click here tells me “Consider replacing your battery. There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly.” I have never cared very unfortunate, because most if not all the time on my laptop direct current (DC) power supply connected.

One day I brought the laptop and suddenly it’s on to say, although I am quite sure, I noticed that there is still more than 60% of the power of the battery next to me. I have a lot of research and found that Windows 7 is able to effectively tell if the battery is replaced. I wanted a new battery directly from Acer, but the service is a 45 minute drive from my place. I do not want to
waste time online, I bought a new OEM battery to a third party. If the new battery arrived disappointed that the battery will not charge. Windows 7 reports “No battery is detected” and the battery indicator blinks orange notebook.

Although I’ve bought the right battery, because it is printed on the same model as the original battery model P / N: BTP-AQJ1. I was forced to send back with a new OEM battery to think about a replacement, it is likely that the errors have been obtained. Got a new battery for the second time, but still the same problem. The salesman told me then that it is a common problem with Acer, and this is due to newer BIOS version. I’ve lowered all available in the older version of BIOS, but the battery has not been made. I have argued with the vendor that this problem is not due to the BIOS, because the battery indicator blinks orange when the DC is connected to at least turn on your laptop. The seller agreed, and much later sent me a new battery free of charge, but no go.

I gave up, called Acer and ordered a new battery. If the battery to arrive, I took it off center and was shocked to see that the battery can be ordered from Acer do not charge! There is simply no logic, why can not charge my original battery but 4 new batteries, including those who can not subscribe to the Acer. So I brought a laptop with the original and the new Acer battery service and, ultimately, to test a few different types of batteries, they found that it was inconsistent with the battery problem. Is a label with bar code and random letters and numbers, the more important that the model number is BTP-AQJ1.

Laptop original battery: BT0060402783521191B102
New Acer battery that didn’t work: BT00603040B11001D6B305
New Acer battery that work: BT00603044A1000003B304

Note bold part and what you should look for if you want to buy a new Acer laptop battery. If you’re wondering why Acer sent me a different battery model and is not the same as the original, that is because the original battery has expired and is no longer manufactured. By the way, if you think that Windows 7 is a bad job by providing information about the battery you should definitely try BatteryBar.

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