How to Access Blocked Facebook, MySpace, Orkut at Office, School or University

To find ways to unblock the pages is one of my favorite hobbies. Previously, I have a few tricks that only the common sites, instant messaging and tricks, in particular access to YouTube and Orkut.

When users learn new tricks to free Web sites, network administrators can set all the gaps in security technology. Networking administrators have so far to block all URLs that contain words such as YouTube, Facebook, Orkut, etc. If you have such tough measures to contain the situation, the organization will see the sensor so you may not even be able to read as the URL contains the word YouTube.

If you hold such strict guidelines and a web sensor operation has no previous tricks, new tricks here.

Trick 1: Access the web sites using IP address

Instead of entering the address of your favourite website in the browser location bar, enter IP address address of the site. For example access YouTube by entering the IP address instead of entering in the URL bar.

To identify IP address of a web site you can use the simple MS Dos command ping or this free online service.

Trick 2: Access the web sites using OperaMini Web Browser Simulator

Use Opera Mini browser on-line demo of the application of the most popular sites in the small screen. Opera Mini is a popular web browser for mobile phones. It allows users with a demo version of Opera Mini, which works just like it would if installed on the handset work.

Point your browser to and start accessing blocked websites.

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