Google Releases Google Docs App for Android

Google has recently launched an official app for the Android Google Docs. This app allows the user to filter and search documents with your Google Account. Users can also easily share terms, the contacts in the phone, directly into the app

In addition to this application also allows users to create documents from a single touch, and users can transfer content to your phone and open up in Gmail. Easy-to-user can get a widget on the main display three main tasks are easy to add: Jumping with a star of documents when the image loads, or create a new document with just one touch.

One of the most mind-blowing feature of Google is in this application is an optical
character recognition (OCR). So you can choose to record an image from a camera phone and converts it into text documents. Although, at this stage is not possible to register the user’s hand written documents, but Google promises to work on it soon.

You can download Google Docs for Android from Android Market for free provided your device runs on Android 2.1+.

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