Google adding touchscreen-friendly tweaks to Chrome OS, still has tablets on its mind

If the tablet version of the Chrome OS back to February of last year, was picked on, we found it legitimate exciting. Now we have the Android’s Honeycomb iteration designed specifically for slate, but we have to ask why Google is still chasing that dream of his keyboard, less web-centric OS. CNET is doing some snooping around, and the latest iterations Chrome OS, where he led several pieces of circumstantial evidence, such as a new on-screen keyboard found what tablets are still largely at the menu. Chrome OS started life as a development engineer Cr-48 will raise awareness of, and continuously available this

summer, thanks to Acer and Samsung, but we expected them to be portable now that Android is a sincere effort to more devices than would be the EVO. Mountain View has disappeared CNET queries answered quite a statement, said only: “. We are already open-source tablets work by the intervention, but we do not have anything new is known at the moment, “Look at last year’s concept for the video after the break.

via: cnet

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