Canon Increments DSLR Line With New T3i And T3

Compact DSLR video has been little mass-friendly Canon’s latest cameras, T3i and T3. The former is clearly a direct continuation of the T2i that went through here and T3 is a reduced version of the same. Information will be followed by the sweet details.

T3i and T3 are also aliases per usual Canon 600D and the 1100D. And as usual, you can expect a large number of superior product, but as usual, no. Details! Inside!

The press release is a room away, “to help them asses.” It’s the same thing when you think about it.

18-Megapixel-T3i/600D is the next version of the “amateur” line of digital SLR cameras, before the budget level, but less stable and weighty 60D and 7D. The primary improvements seem to be added LCD swivel. It’s the same ad as last year T2i, who lived at 720 x 480, and

a large, but now can be pulled out and rotated, and thus, no different than 60D. Automatic mode is now simply the “Picture Style”, which is not much improvement as the automatic already “exposure, focus, white balance and auto exposure optimization,” said a little “style” setting adjusted.

The boundary lines of the square, 16:9 and 04:03 aspect ratios can now also be considered if the video recordings, which is nice, but otherwise it does not seem that the video function is no improvements are maintained. It’s not a bad thing, because I think T2i was already a leading enthusiast field, but one would think that they are a year maybe add a few frames FPS. It will continue to implement 24/25/30fps to 1080p. Not now a feature called “digital zoom Movie” STEPS-up-times digital zoom, the allegations as “more speed without loss in video quality” argument, I do not believe for a second.

T3i is the beginning of March and $ 799.99 available. If you do not need a serpentine screen T2i is significantly less at the same time, almost exactly the same properties.

T3/1100D a budget DSLR, but did not make it into a bad thing. Its 12-megapixel sensor the 720p video at 30 or 25 frames per second. Way to go, but its LCD is only 320 x 240 and pivots, so you are pretty much lose. Historically 1xxxxD models have slightly worse than x00D/x50D models, but not to the point where there is a problem. And hey, it is $ 599.99, two hundred dollars less if you are looking for basic DSLR that will also do some solid video, this is not a bad deal.

In fact, I would say you should T2i spring, but it’s just my opinion. New lens series now includes a new IS algorithm, but I spend an extra $ 100 – $ 150 you get really basic principal or wide-angle zoom. For the body only, not with a kit lens and buy a hard to save the money.

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