The Best Free Online Backup Services

The worst possible time to make a backup copy is probably when the computer crashes, but it is precisely when most computer users, and stop thinking about it.
For most users, a backup copy of any priority, so they often forget to create a regular backup if the worst happens.

Document-save-as-3However, the introduction of online backup services, it is now possible to create and send the backup files automatically, the program runs in the background and downloads all files are transferred to the server when they are stored. This means that you date and reliable backup can be restored.

There are a number of free online backup services out there, and this post is to consider the best 4.

SugarSync: Formerly known as Sharpcast offers 5 GB of online backup space, free life, it supports automatic file synchronization, you keep the libraries on all computers can be updated. Storage is expandable to 10 GB if you find friends, and get 500 MB each.

Dropbox: Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space, and it is popular with computer geeks, because of his support for Linux. While not a 2GB storage space, you can change for free by going to update your friends, the students are given 500MB each case and non-students get 250MB. Max space allows students to 16GB and non-students is 8GB.

OpenDrive: Open drive has 5 GB free disk space, it has the same features as SugarSync and Dropbox automated backup and synchronization functions. Although it offers plenty of space for a free account holder, the space is not upgradeable to referring friends. I also do not like that the open drive a watermark locations, pictures, if you choose to distribute to the forums.
Mozy: Mozy is one of the most popular online backup companies exist, and offers 2 GB of free disk space. We want a clean interface, Mozy, which is very easy to use. It is prevent throttling features to clogging of the Internet.

Not all of these services that I have tested personally, SugarSync my favorite because it is good for 5 GB of space, straight from the cuff, and is expandable to 10 GB, which is an impressive amount of storage space.

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