Apple Releases Fix For iTunes Error

Some people who bought late 2010, runs 13-inch MacBook Air OS X 10.6.7 model a bug in the latest version of iTunes, which found the system no longer responds causes. The question was everywhere in the Apple support forums with users recommend rebooting a laptop in safe mode to avoid errors documented.

Others in the forum note that only occurs in 13-inch MacBook Pro model with iTunes works fine for other devices. Apple offered a repair of iTunes error, which was published today, but gave no explanation for it. Apple has just recommended that all users update their Macbook Air 13-inch laptop, to ensure that the event did not happen to them in the future. I have heard many Apple products, especially to the various generations of iPods, and they are not all either way.

I have seen too many problems and bugs in Mac hardware and software that Apple forums to give me into their world-class marketing tactics and hold caused by other manufacturers. My hypothesis is that Apple forced out of their products on the market too quickly, before you do enough tests. If they test the products in just six months more, I’m sure a lot of mistakes could be found. Fortunately, they are good customers of the service, of which, what I hear, so that should be in the presence of errors in hardware and / or software.

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