Angry Birds to Use NFC Technology on Nokia Phones

If you did not have enough versions of angry birds continue to be tight, angry birds Magic is coming soon! Angry Birds’ eggs, policy makers, Rovio cooperation with Nokia NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to bring birds from Angry. Not too excited yet, this is not a multi-player version of the Angry Birds. Users instead tap will open the Nokia phones with every new Angry Birds at games and I’m assuming will always try, while the two friends have a certain amount of “bonding”, if one can call it that!

So, what is necessary Angry birds use Magic? You need a Nokia phone, the latest Symbian
OS, Anna, and a friend who is also a Nokia phone that can be the hardest part of this process! NFC technology is to be paid users the opportunity to hype the credit card code, which was just tapping the phone receiver. Ironically, Nokia C7 (pictured) is not the right equipment for mobile payments properly, but hey, at least you’re angry at the birds of Magic is not it?

users can enjoy the first five levels of “house”, as they search for the entire city of Nokia users. It’s funny, I can think of gawking strangers to look at other phones, if they carry the latest Nokia and goes, “Hey, you play angry birds?” Users who are lucky enough to connect your friend’s name, so enjoy the three additional steps before the next meet up. In addition, levels may be exempt from NFC tags for the “unknown hidden objects.” If this sounds like something useful, or a lame gimmick, please let us know in the comments! Here is a short video to show what this game.

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