Windows 8 Test Version Released

Microsoft has just a test version of Windows 8 and computer manufacturers, so that the timetable would be based on past emissions, posted to the users end of 2012. This version has offered reports on the Microsoft Connect program for very special beta testers. Windows 8 is important for Microsoft because it is the first Windows version of the special services of the tablets, such as compatibility with the ARM processors, touch screens and styling in mind.

Microsoft pushing and feeds the tablet affinity, the fact that Apple overtake sales of consumer laptops for Windows is iPad. Microsoft, however, it is no great rush to get rid of all the 
tablets, despite an increasingly crowded market.

Sources say Microsoft is expected that the first beta of its OS Professional Developers’ Conference show, planned for later this year. To prevent similar test versions of the history of the security measures leakage, such as the one-time password. However, we should not underestimate the ingenuity of the curious geeks, so I’ll hold out for some of the leaks.

Another rumor is that it’s App Store for Windows 8, and that will restore the function. Restoring the function of the rumor is based on a statement Win7China basis earlier this year when she took the opportunity to restore your computer to factory settings, you have all user programs, but it helps to keep the files. This could be the end of re-installing, but nothing is set in stone.

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