Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android finally released

Mozilla has finally released Firefox4 build Android, which is now in the Android Market. The company claims that there are three times faster than what I normally do with the Android phone, furniture, your web browser. Mozilla also offers support for the HTML5, one of the many new features offered to the browser. Browsers can also, just like the desktop version, bookmarks, add-ons, Firefox, sync, use the user the capabilities of the browser from other devices. The Web browser serves as Maemo. Here is the list of improvements that Android Firefox 4 is:

– Awesome display: type less easily history, bookmarks and tabs

– Save as PDF collection of important landmarks,
– Share sites with applications like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and more
– Add a search engine: Adjust your search engine list
– Private and secure synchronization
– Firefox Sync: Access Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data to multiple computers and mobile devices with secure end-to-end encryption
– Firefox improves existing tools, like CSS, SVG and canvas, so that developers make an exciting web pages
– HTML5 support, Android and Firefox Maemo contains the location of the navigation, the device orientation, accelerometer, desktop alerts and much more
– JavaScript engine includes a new hunter monkey JIT compiler, and improvements to existing water spider monkeys and JIT interpreter faster page load speed and better performance web applications and games.

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