Japanese military starts to cool nuclear reactor

Japanese military fire started overheating reactor core in the northeastern part of Japan cool Friday afternoon to prevent a potential disaster, said a news release.

Military fire trucks started off the fuel storage pool at 3 reactor in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, which was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the area a week ago, said the public broadcaster NHK.

The steam was seen rising from the damaged building.

Seven fire engines were spraying for a total of 50 tonnes of water to the reactor, NHK said, referring to the Defense Department.

Cooling systems for the reactors under the current system was knocked out in the disaster.

Five military firefighting vehicles late Thursday to spray the fuel storage pool inside the reactor 3, after police water cannons were not close enough to get earlier in the day.

U.S. military team is preparing for nuclear emergencies in Japan

The U.S. military has trained 450 experts to prepare a nuclear emergency control orders to deploy to Japan, where needed, a top U.S. Navy official told reporters late Thursday.

Navy Admiral Robert Willard said he was in charge of U.S. military aid to Japan, a triple catastrophe of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

An advance team of military plans to determine whether the radiological consequences and sent experts as they are called, must be presented, “said Willard.

Communication and coordination in the current crisis was the trouble, he said, thanks to close cooperation between the U.S. military and his Japanese colleague, has decades of collective defense problems.

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