Japan: Fukushima nuclear reactor explodes leading to radiation leakage

A Japanese nuclear power plant exploded Saturday, triggering a nuclear nationwide alert “in the country already died reeling under the impact of the huge tidal waves from a massive earthquake that left more than 1,600 people disappeared or causes.

The main reactor at the nuclear power plant Fukushima in northern Japan, 250 km north of Tokyo, exploded this afternoon led to leakage radiation, four people injured, the authorities of 45,000 residents informed within a 10-km radius around the plant to leak, to evacuate their homes, Kyodo news agency reported.

“The facility is located in a nuclear accident,” Japanese nuclear physicist confirmed after Prime Minister Naoto can visit the spot in a helicopter this morning.

Reports said the main building of the facility housing the reactor and the outer walls removed were held in the high intensity explosions that sank at 3:30 local time (1200 GMT) as the cooling water level alarming by evaporation after the earthquake destroyed the main factory had blown.

“The loss of cooling water leads to a meltdown of the reactor,” Jiji Press reported.

TV footage showed smoke from the site and reported that the reactor building was destroyed. Channels and public broadcasting warnings to residents to drink clear air conditioning, and not tap water.

The man was going out there saying to avoid it, their skin and to cover the faces with masks or wet towels.

Kyodo quoted the police said that a second nuclear power plant explodes next to you, that even dysfunctional, the dose rate was up to almost 1,000 times the normal level.

The agency said the damage caused by devastating earthquake on Friday expanded in Japan today, with the total number of people who died or disappeared feared to 1,600 head.

Tokyo Fire Department sent experts “hyper rescue team” around nuclear plants explosion.

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