IE9 vs Firefox 4 vs Chrome 10

Cloud Computing brought the browser wars, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla are rewriting the JavaScript engine, improved support for Web standards and improve their user interfaces.

The result is three major browsers are still the best: IE9, Chrome and Firefox 10 4 RC. So which one deserves a place on your desk?

The trio on the screen “chrome” to a minimum and did not look bad. From a purely aesthetic point of IE9 seems most at home, but can quickly become confusing with all on one line.

Chrome is a stripped back to the point of near invisibility, and Firefox, Thunderbird 4 is the best yet. Yes, it’s a bit like saying “the smartest thing ever said was Charlie Sheen,” but after
years of gross ugliness of the new interface is great progress, and this is a refined version has begun to grow with us. At least it’s a PC. By default Mac interface does not really work.

Chrome 10 was the slowest in our test PC that runs through the benchmark average of 346.0ms SunSpider, Firefox, reached an average of 308.5 4. IE9 was marginal, however, an average 288.8ms.

Let’s try another: the version 6 of the V8, Google’s own benchmark suite. You suspect that Google will do well here, and. Larger numbers are better, and reach Chrome 7101 compared with 3269 and 2053 for Firefox IE9.

So far, so meh – “Google browser does not benchmark well in Google” is not a surprise – but it shows how the differences between browsers disappear: 2008 Chrome would routinely score ten times more than Firefox and IE do not even feature.

One more? Mozilla gives the Kraken, a very demanding tasks a web application based on the SunSpider set to go. Firefox ms flows through a large test suite, and 9224 ms 19 IE9 136th Mozilla Firefox is the best browser Mozilla benchmarks “shocking Nope: Chrome has been mentioned in passing come, ms in 8794th

It is clear that Browser is optimized for the chosen benchmark, but what true stories? From Enter to fully loaded Tech Radar FrontPage 20Mbps DSL connection, it takes 4 seconds Chrome, Firefox, and five of nine (no pages are cached, and we had no extensions, add-ons or other goodies installed or on the site ) prevent. lasted four seconds, Firefox, Chrome took four and six in IE online banking login page two seconds in Chrome, Firefox and IE two, three.

Let’s try something more challenging. Shop and starts to play, Radiohead video on YouTube Lotus Flower was three seconds in Firefox, IE of three and four Chrome. Open the file and edit it after he prepared to my Google Docs Firefox took about four seconds, four and six IE9 Chrome.

There is clearly a model. Firefox and Chrome are usually neck and neck in daily performance and IE9 trailing close behind. However, there really is not much to it – and are in most cases the ads, the bits, which is time consuming and display pages of text, navigation elements and form fields on almost immediately.

Stability and Standards:
Acid 3 test, uh, scratch test standards, and if you had given us a few years ago said we would get to see so burned 95/100 would be a witch. But it is a black and white (and yellow, and …).

Firefox is set before 97/100 and Chrome gives the teacher an apple and get a gold star to the perfect 100/100 score.

There are more requirements than a test, but. Different browsers support different bits of HTML5 standards, for example when it comes to video with H.264 Chrome should not be – she wants her own video or Ogg Theora WebM, these are the most popular formats for Firefox, too – while IE9 H .264 like very, very much.

Video, of course, is notorious for Crasher browser, so it’s nice to share a chrome and IE9 opportunity, individual tabs in different processes. This is to prevent bad plug-in clearing the entire browser session, and it is easy to kill little.

Firefox has crash protection, but it is still one of the process of the browser, something with a tab can have an impact on everything.

Firefox has the edge here: it opened pinnable App Tabs gorge, such as email and web applications, but the Groups tab is easy to organize openly to large collections of pages.

Firefox 4 features some excellent synchronization properties. It is simply not working to sync your bookmarks on different devices, it takes a story and also the currently open tabs. They are constantly on the move from machine to machine like this feature. Chrome is in sync, but it does not extend to a minimum.

IE9 not sync at all, but allows you to pages about Windows 7 task bar pin, as if the applications and then drag the tab snap it to display alongside the other. You also get the correct download manager to Firefox since 1957.

There is also a new chrome-Style Tab and Chrome-style search for the address field. Firefox to keep the two box approach, where the Awesome Bar URL History, and a separate search box – though confusing, Awesome Bar is not for too much.

Firefox is the world’s extensible here, but Chrome is closed quickly, the chrome plug-ins and network applications increasingly impressive. All three browsers are “add-on galleries to basics – ad blocker, flash blocker, Twitter clients, and so on – but Internet Explorer is the limited Firefox and Chrome also skinnable, you can use to change the default appearance ..

SunSpider seemed like the slowest real use of the word. It’s a really nice browser, however, and if you have a user who does not really interfere with handling or extensions, you will be completely satisfied. It is not just a little behind its competitors in real speed, but a decent PC there is not much of it.

Firefox and Chrome are neck and neck with the performance of inserts: chrome paper records in the Mozilla browser, but in practice the differences are not significant. Chrome, however, the ability to share one of the specific process should be stable – even if the writing seems to be a terrible mistake in the treatment of Flash.
Do we have a winner? Firefox tab groups and App Tabs are great, and a browser with the Swiss Army Knife is maintained reputation. If you have a lot there and use need a lot of extensions, then Firefox browser if you do all day a few web applications and add-ons you start and stop blocking ads, so Google is your friend – or at least is it if the flash issue is resolved.

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