How to add Poll to your Blogger Post

It is possible to add your Blogger (widget-based) query Blogger post, you need to work with some HTML.

1) Create Blogger Widget poll in the sidebar, just like before. Be sure to make it easy to find / remember the title.

2) When the Blogger Poll Widget to add the sidebar to visit the blog Home browser (I’m on the Firefox browser to work).

3) Once you have downloaded Home browser window, right click on the page anywhere and
select ‘View Page Source’, you’ll get the HTML for page.

4) Search / section of the new poll (by its title) section.

5) Copy (right click / copy), HTML code, similar to the following code:

<iframe height=”160″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border: medium none; height: 142px; width: 400px;” src=”;lnkclr=%23336699&amp;chrtclr=%23336699&amp;font=normal+normal+15px+Arial%2C+Tahoma%2C+Helvetica%2C+FreeSans%2C+sans-serif&amp;hideq=true&amp;” name=”poll-widget-7190053064426371788″ allowtransparency=”true”></iframe>”

6) Close the new HTML surveys Blogger Post article.

7) If you get Blogger Widget HTML, you can go ahead and remove the Blogger widget in the sidebar poll, we had to receive only the HTML source code.

The actual vote is within the iframe.

Using the HTML code, you can make some things look better on Blogger blog post, for example, height, iframe, border, etc.

Here is a link to my blog, I’ve Blogger Widget poll blog, and we’ll see how it works. 

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