First ‘Skype booth’ opens at Estonian airport as company reaches 30 million simultaneous users

Phone booths are the old story; we know that much is certain. But Skype stalls? Estonia’s capital Tallinn Airport is the first site to your Skype-status with the video chat with your friends or call them on their mobile phones with Skype is possible, just like you on your home computer. Not a 22-inch touch screen before, and connect the headset, the only thing you have some real friends, you want to communicate. The idea is, is operating three Estonian companies from which everyone happy throughout, reminding us well Skype in the northern European nation states were made ​​and the plan to roll-out futuristic-looking booths with other airports, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals and like. In the meantime, the use of Skype is
growing and recently confirmed by the company, 30 million users online simultaneously breaks the previous record for a trivial additional three million souls. 

via:Deutsche Welle 

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